There are people who enter our lives at certain points of our journey that forever change us. We are different people today and forever grateful for having met them. Donna Bersch is one such person in my life.

I first began seeing Donna to deal with very specific areas of my life that I needed help in understanding and working through. Donna helped me to achieve the focus and clarity I needed to deal with each issue in a manageable way. Whether it was dealing with the illness and the passing of my mother, relationships with my family members, or the anxiety that came with a new career choice, Donna has helped me gain the tools to navigate through in a meaningful way. It is reassuring to me to know she is there and that we can contract for the amount of sessions I need to process next steps in any situation that I may seek guidance. Her style is a kind, compassionate and honest.

I continue to return to Donna. I feel myself more grounded, more confident and overall a happier person in the world than I ever was. I trust she has my best interests in mind—always.

Garibaldi L.
Donna Bersch was my daughter’s therapist for 5 years (starting when my daughter was 14 years old). When I met Donna I was immediately impressed by her understanding of the challenges and pressures of adolescence. My daughter had added issues of grief and loss (her father had recently passed away), and feelings of isolation as she had just begun her first year of high school at a new school.

Through the years Donna was always a caring and supportive presence. She was my daughter’s advocate, her reality check and her listener. She was accessible at any time and also available to speak with me when I had questions or concerns.

My daughter is now happy, productive and in control of her life. We are so grateful for Donna’s insight and guidance.

Diane B.
Donna creates an open, non judgmental, kind and cool environment. As someone who absolutely dreaded therapy sessions in the past, I felt immediately comfortable in her presence. I truly appreciated that she blends practicality into her approach – she provided me with smart, practical advice that helped me feel heard and even better – way less anxious. I also appreciated that I didn’t feel ‘locked in’ to the relationship – I had the right number of sessions to help me move past a critical point in my divorce, and once I felt I had regained my footing I felt free to move on. I’d go back to Donna in a heartbeat if I were in need of more situational guidance. To me, she was like the cool older sister I wish I had.
Heather, Technology Consultant
Donna Bersch guided me through some very challenging times in my children’s development.

She helped me to understand their behavior (what is normal and what is more concerning). She gave me strategies to help my parenting, which promoted a healthier communication/connection to them.

I am so grateful for all the ways she helped me to navigate their ever-changing developmental stages.

National Association of Social Workers